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Frequently asked questions

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

Email is our preferred method of contact and lets us keep track of our many conversations. While we wish we had the time to speak to everyone who sends in an inquiry individually on the phone, we are unable to due to the high volume of emails we receive on a daily basis requesting calls. Please use the contact form to contact us. 

How to I apply for a puppy?

If you're interested in our puppies please fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION for the fastest response. 

Can I visit your facility and meet your dogs before placing a deposit or picking my new puppy?

Our "facility" is our home. All of our puppies are raised here and cared for by our family. We aren't a pet store with business hours open to the public so, we currently only allow visits from those on our waiting list who are coming on scheduled visitation days or to pick up their new puppy. Visits may be scheduled to see your chosen puppy after that specific litter has received their first set of vaccinations.

For the safety of our dogs and young puppies as well as our family, we do not allow tours of our home or whelping areas.

Are Doodles Hypoallergenic?

Technically, no dog is "hypoallergenic" as some people can be allergic to things other than fur like a dog's saliva or urine. Doodles have allergy friendly properties, making them suitable for individuals who suffer from mild to moderate pet allergies. 

Do Doodles shed?

Our Doodles are generally low-non shedding. We cannot guarantee any dog to be hypoallergenic or non-shedding as each coat can vary although shedding in our adult Doodles is typically very mild. F1Bs, F2Bs, and Multigens will shed less (if any) than an F1 and are recommended for those with allergies/concerns about excessive shedding. Hair will come off on your comb when you brush your Doodle just like with people who have a head full of hair!

Which generation/coat type is right for me?

Straight, wavy, or curly coat? What coat type is best for you and of which generation? Due to the unpredictability of coat types in an F1 pairing we are working towards only producing Multigen Doodles. Being a 50/50 cross, F1s can take after either parent (or have a good mix of both). This means that your pup’s coat could resemble the Aussie or Bernese or take more after the Poodle. Coat type is ALWAYS a gamble when choosing any first generation Doodle. This holds true with any F2 pairing as well since both F1 parents used in this combo also carry a shedding/flat coat gene. An F1B may be great for those who want a coat that may shed less, however, many F1Bs are primarily curly and can take after a the Poodle almost entirely in terms of looks. With Multigens we can easily pair certain coat types together to ensure we get furnished, fluffy puppies with great coat texture! A straighter coat in an F1 often means it might shed some and may have a wirey texture. Although, a straighter coat in a Multigen will generally be silky, smooth, and can be low-non shedding. In a Multigen pairing we can actually eliminate the curl gene all together while retaining allergy friendly properties in a thicker and plush coat!


A straight or wavy coat in a F1 pairing can shed some (generally minimally and less than the originally shedding breed). A straight, wavy, or curly coat in an F2B/Multigen pairing is often low-non shedding. Any straight or wavy coat will require less maintaince than a curly coated Doodle. 

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